Zodiac Fortune

How often do you check your horoscope? With Pairplay’s Zodiac Fortune you might just want to reconsider checking your horoscope daily from now on. This online scratch card game allows you to play as a zodiac sign and you can choose from the twelve available.

Fixed Wagered Sum In Zodiac Fortune

What you get with Zodiac Fortune is a fixed wagered sum amounting to £1.50 for each game played. You can purchase the scratchcard by clicking on the ‘Buy Ticket’ icon on the screen. To unveil the symbols on the scratchcard, you just need to click the big circle displayed. You win when you are able to match three identical zodiac symbols. You have the option of scratching the circles manually or automatically. By clicking on the circles you will manually scratch them to reveal the symbols hidden. You can click the ‘Reveal All’ icon to automatically reveal the symbols under the large circles on the scratchcard.

The Convenience Of The Mobile Game Version

This game comes with an easy to play and convenient mobile version. Players can play in the relaxed atmosphere that their homes can provide when they play this game. It is also available on different OS such as iOS, Windows and Android. If you do not want to play on your PC, you can make use of most mobile devices including tablets and smartphones. Nothing beats the comfort of playing this game at home, you don't have to worry about family, friends, expenses or work. You decide when you play and when you don't.

Win Big In Zodiac Fortune

You can win big when you play Zodiac Fortune online scratchcard game. With a token ticket price of £1.50, players can hope to win as much as £25,000. Your Zodiac sign could really make you lucky and rich in no time. The gameplay is quick, the wins and payouts are instantaneous. This online scratchcard game is suitable for both low and high-risk online casino gamblers. You also have the opportunity of playing a demo mode and this is great for new gamblers looking to try out their first online casino gambling game.

To Sum Up

The large payout that is available in this online scratch card game is a real attraction, winning £25,000 can instantly turn your fortune around. The Zodiac symbols are a neat touch from the developers and the demo version of this game is good for practising and gaining confidence in the gameplay.