The Complete Illustrated Bingo Glossary

About Bingo Glossary

Playing online bingo can prove to be a daunting task if you are not aware of the basic terms that are commonly used. You would miss out a lot if you did not understand the basic terms. Here is a complete glossary of the terms associated with online bingo. There is an interactive and illustrated table that helps you get a grasp over the abbreviated phrases and words that can be found in bingo chat rooms and sits.

Bingo periodic table

You do not have to be overwhelmed with the mind-boggling terms present in the five categories which are colour coded. The light pink coloured phrases and terms are associated with game patterns and types. The white terms are related to the chatroom lingo. The light grey terms cover the gift promotions being offered by the bingo sites. Dark grey terms highlight the bonuses and the dark pink phrases and terms are associated with general terms and conditions.

Basic terms encountered in online Bingo

Not all Bingo terms have been covered in this post. The most common one has been explained below:

  • Ig [Instant Games]- These games can be played quickly and does not require any kind
    of preparation
  • 5lb [5 line bingo] - A game which involves the use of five separate lines. This implies
    that each card comprises of 25 numbers.
  • M30 [Mini 30 Ball Bingo]- This is more condenses version of the game
  • Pa [Newbie bingo]- A game which has been specially designed for new players
  • Sc [Scratch cards]- Tickets where the players can scratch off the numbers for winning exclusive prizes
  • Slo [Slot Games] - Games revolving around spinning reels
  • Cas [Casino Games] - This includes the variety of games offered by online casinos including craps, roulette and blackjack
  • De [Death Bingo] - Modified version of bingo where the players attempt to get as many numbers as possible. Whoever gets bingo is then eliminated from the game
  • Fs [Fair and Square] - This is an expression used to express that a player has won a game legally and fairly
  • Lnu [Link Up Bingo] - In this game, the players link up with others for winning exclusive cash prize
  • DnD [Deal or No Deal] - In this game, the players select a box and then open several other boxes throughout the course of the game. The players are given an offer by the banker after couple of rounds. The players can choose to accept the deal or reject it. The goal is to defeat the banker.
  • Bb [Basket]- A space for storing cash, prizes or tokens
  • Fh [Full House] - Filling the entire bingo card
  • Jj [Jumbo Jackpots] - Jackpots that promise huge monetary rewards
  • Pj [Progressive Jackpots] - Jackpots that have accumulated over a certain period of time
  • Bt [Buy Tickets] - Purchasing bingo tickets for playing on the site
  • Cr [Chat Room] - The place where you can have a conversation with your bingo pals
  • Co [Coverall] - This is a form of a pattern where the player needs to cover every single number present on the card in order to win the game
  • 1tg [1 to Go] - One number away from a win
  • Bbl [Be back later] -This is to let your pals know that you would be away from your computer or mobile for a short while
  • Blnt [Better luck next time] - This is to wish your fellow players luck for the next game
  • Gle [Good Luck Everyone] -This is to wish luck to all your chat room friends
  • Cd [Cash Draw] - This draw allows the players to take away some incredible cash prizes
  • Bb [Bingo Bonus] - A kind of bonus awarded in the game of bingo
  • Bc [Bingo Codes] - The codes used for claiming tickets, prizes or bonuses
  • Bk [Banking policy] - regulations and rules related to banking while playing with a reputed bingo site such as Sailor Bingo

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