History Of Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are small but intriguing in more ways than one. They provide some entertainment, enable occasionally hefty wins and have a history that’s more colourful than a box of crayons!

Read all about their story below.

Scratch Cards Make An Appearance

If you are reading this article then you must have seen your own share of scratch cards and perhaps even scratched some goodness from them! If so, you no doubt occasionally wondered how the practice of scratching cards for wins and fun started.

Most people in the know agree that in the year 1974 the very first instant lottery game on this galaxy was made by a computing device. This lottery game was for the Massachusetts Lottery and the company behind it was a soon-to-be-famous one called Scientific Games.

1987 saw a US patent being issued for an instant scratch card. The UK for its part got its introduction to the scratch card fever in March 1987 with the sale of the very first scratch card in the country. These cards were in general available at lottery stands all over, but usually not in the traditional casinos of the period.

Reasons For Their Popularity

One prime reason for their popularity is the fact that the cost of buying a scratch card is lower than low. Thus, people can buy them for a pittance and participate in instant games where they stand a chance of winning hefty amounts.

These cards are also not monolithic. Rather, they come with varied forms, looks and themes in order to cater to the tastes of the widest possible clientele. Thus, some scratchcards have football themes, others basketball. They can also be themed around movies, musicians, artworks and practically anything else.

Yet another reason for their popularity is the fact that the results are known instantly as the cards are scratched. This is particularly suited for people who hate the interminable suspense of the lottery as the draw after draw takes place without a winner.

Online Scratchcards Cometh!

While you have to pay a visit to a local kiosk or stand in order to indulge in your passion for scratch cards, this is no longer true these days. Due to technological advancements, it is presently possible to buy and play them online at most online casinos. This fact currently makes the playing an easy, painless and quite convenient matter for anyone anywhere.

These online scratch cards require no downloads or much computer skills. Also, the act of scratching the cards to uncover the hidden icons is performed by moving the mouse around in a certain manner.


Scratch cards found online come with more themes that can be counted, as well as some of the lushest graphics in the gambling scene. You can play for free in demo mode, but to win actual money you are required to play for real with real money.

Scratch cards are a relatively recent addition, unlike most other gambling forms that are centuries old. The barrier for entry in the scratch card world is quite low, the wins can be hefty and the action is fast-paced enough to suit all tastes. These remain a popular means of entertainment and fun, still has room for growth and will continue to delight players of all stripes for years to come.

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