How to Deal at Blackjack Like a Pro

If you are looking to fit into the shoes of a Blackjack dealer, it can be just as rewarding as playing the game. Come to think of it as an opportunity to sharpen your skills as you shuffle and deal the cards. Moreover, you’ll be in charge of the entire game beyond handling the deck. Once you have the basics of this casino game is on your fingertips you can start right away.

Doing it right: steps to deal a game of Blackjack

The more you practice, the better equipped you are to both deal and play with all the strategies at hand:


There are a number of guides and tutorials available on the internet that could help you train well in shuffling cards. You can also have a spare cards deck at hand so that you can practice shuffling while simultaneously playing the game.

Dealing is fun

Once you’ve mastered the techniques of shuffling, you can distribute the cards from the deck into the player’s hands. All you must know is to deal smoothly across the table. This technique is also referred to as “sailing cards.”

Handling the chips

The better familiarised you get with the game, the easier this will become. You will have to get used to the feel of the chips, i.e. understand their size and weight. Sweeping and arranging the chips can plug them into your memory well making it easier to handle the chips effortlessly.

You need to know the terminologies as a dealer. A dealer should know the game well so that players can trust him and feel at ease when playing Blackjack with an experienced dealer. Not being well informed as a dealer is detrimental to your reputation as a dealer but it will also ruin the game and allow players to disturb you.

Get your calculations correct

A little memory and attentiveness can contribute to honing your Blackjack dealing skills. You can familiarise yourself with the common ways in which payouts are done. For instance, what happens when a player wins with a blackjack, how a 3:2 payout is to be done and so on. Be a pro at adding the points and always remember to announce the total points of each player’s hand even if it’s a bust. Practice can help in getting some of the calculations by heart.

Let Fair Blackjack be the calling

As a dealer, just like the other responsibilities you cannot give fairness a miss. You will have to be able to count the cards well and be wary of cheaters. Card counting in this game is legal yet it would be great to stay aware and spot any cheating easily. Dealers with open eyes are regarded as great dealers against those you spend time counting the cards.

Hold your head high

You can tell by the personality of a professional Blackjack dealer. Practice will enable you to work in tandem instead of throwing you out of gear as you balance it well. As a host of the game, you need to focus on your performance without getting stressed. Treating the players well and handling the rude ones in the row while making great conversations can facilitate your role as a dealer.

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