Interesting Facts About Slot Variants

Slot Games are an excellent way for folks to relax and chill out. And all without being obliged to put on a monkey suit or expensive dinner dress and sashay to one expensive casino or the other.
Lots of people totally enjoy the simple convenience of Slot games and because of this, they are by far the most popular online casino games around. They are also the easiest games to play as they require no skill, less focus and feature instant wins.
For those folks who enjoy playing Slot games, here are 10 little known facts about them.

  • Big Things Come Easy - In the year 1973, one lucky bloke won a little over $65,000 on a slot. This was by far the biggest payout of all time and remained unbeaten till 2001 when an even luckier fella won $1 million.
  • The All-Knowing Percentage - Nothing affects the percentage payout on online Slot games, be it holidays, days of the week, parties, number of players, or a solar eclipse.
  • Randomness It Is - The slot machine is forever calculating random number codes and this activity goes on regardless of whether a game is or not being currently played on it. This constant and never-ending calculation helps to guarantee the total randomness of wins and losses.
  • Strategy Takes A Backseat - A corollary to the above is that no strategy will ensure consistent wins in online Slot Variants. This is because the results are totally random. However, players can use money management to stretch out their bankroll.
  • Jackpot - There are two different jackpot types. The first is the progressive jackpot which constantly grows with time when it is not won. This growth is derived from the percentage of the wager players are currently making. The other jackpot is the flat top jackpot and it offers a set amount that cannot be enhanced or decreased.
  • Here Comes A Bandit - The term “one-armed bandit” was actually used to refer to those shady blokes who manipulated the mechanical slots of the era so as to steal money. Later on, the term was employed in reference to the slots themselves, due to their perceived disinclination to pay out.
  • Time To Act All Fey - The very first slot machine was put together by an auto mechanic by the name of Charles Fey. The years was 1895 and the payout was a decent 50 cents.
  • Spin Easy - Regardless of what superstitious players might think, the spin outcome in Slot Variants is unchanged regardless of if the slot machine lever was pulled or the spin button pressed.
  • Big And Mighty Were Big Bertha - Big Bertha was the biggest slot machine ever, which wasn’t that much of a surprise considering that it was nearly 3 meters tall. This slot machine was actually so massive that players couldn’t pull the traditional slot machine lever featured on it, and the power that was required to run it was derived from a 5 horsepower engine. While Big Bertha was almost bigger than the moon, it had just 8 reels and 20 icons, with winning chances being on the order of 1 in 25.6 billion.

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