Online Casino Guide - How to Play Online Slots

Online slots rank as one of the most prevalent casino games played by both the young and aged alike. They are popular in gambling circles across the globe due to their simple rules and different gameplay options. With the advent of mobile phones, these slot games have acquired a new dimension and now it is possible to play them anywhere and anytime. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can easily play them on the mobile browser. So, let us see how to play online slots and reap the best playing experience out of them at our bingo site.

Choose the right online slots based on themes and features

To start off, have an idea of the type and theme of the online casino slots that you wish to play. To cater to the diverse needs and preferences of players, slots come in a wide range of themes, such as music-themed slots, action and adventure themed slots, treasure and fruit-themed slots and so on. Moreover, each slot has different reels and paylines. While one may have 5 reels and 10 paylines, the other may come with 7 reels and 25 paylines. Accordingly, you must decide the right slot to play. Theme and the features of the slot games keep the player entertained throughout the gameplay.

Look for symbols and re-spins in slot games

Symbols play an important role in online slots machines. Some symbols come with low value and some symbols have higher values. The wild symbol is the most important symbol in the slot game. It is the substitute for all the other symbols barring the scatter symbol. Wild symbols also provide you with the chance to trigger bonus features and get more prizes. For example, the wild multiplier symbols are the most common among them. If you can land these wild symbols, you will get multipliers on your existing rewards and betting amount. There are random wild symbols as well that are used to activate bonuses.

When it comes to online slots, re-spins are an important feature. This is a kind of bonus feature that lets you add more spins and reap benefits out of them. Some of the popular ones are cascading re-spins, random re-spins, symbol re-spins, and pay re-spins. Among them, the symbol re-spin feature is quite popular. In this case, you can bag re-spins if you are able to land certain symbols on the reels. The number of re-spins may range from 2 and even go up to 10 for some slots. In fact, the popularity of a slot is determined by the number of re-spins it offers.

Check casino licenses and payment gateways

Last but not the least; there are some more aspects that you need to know while playing online slots. For example, always play in sites that are licensed, as the chances of fraudulent activities are minimal. Look for sites that offer good bonuses and promotions and whether the payment channels are secure. Maintain a gambling limit and look out for the minimum withdrawals and deposit limits before pitching your money. Join our Sailor Bingo now and get more!