Keep Smiling and Play Emoji Planet

A picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures are wordless expressions which convey their message in silence. When it comes to real life conversations we listen to not only words but expressions and body language too. In the world of online slot games, staying Poker Face has become so passé. So, now you know the factor accountable to Emoji Planet.

Emojis are small digital images used to express an idea or emotion. So as the world and the conversations have moved on from being in person to Digital and electronic, and hence the use of Emojis has reached new heights. Emojis are just too cute to remain all digital and have found their way out in real life as key-chains, cushions, tees and what not. So why should online Gaming stay behind?

The developers at NetEnt took their emoji love to a new level when they created Emoji Planet Online Video Slot Game. So you have lots of emojis making you win as you play at online bingo sites.

What is Emoji Planet slot games all about?

Instead of the usual reels and paylines Emoji Planet, online video slot games offer a 5×6 grid comprising of various emojis. You have 8 symbols like a rocket, two blue hearts, poo, pizza, an alien, and a bomb. It also has special features which get activated as you spin the slot games reels. Dancing twin lady emoji, balloons, and cloud make up for the background imagery.


  • Adjust the bet by selecting the wager and coin value ranging from 1-10 and 0.01 to 1.
  • Hit Spin to start the game. The symbol combos are replaced with cascading symbols.
  • 5 symbols of a kind are needed to get a win.
  • The Wild logo is the Wild and substitutes for all symbols.
  • Every time a combo is made, the corresponding features meter gets filled. Once you hit 12 of a symbol, the feature is activated.
  • Bomb feature, when activated, destroys 8 random symbols and a chance of coin win of up to 100x the bet.
  • Pizza feature, when activated, overlays a 3×3 grid of regular symbols.
  • Kiss mark feature, on activation, gives 3 sticky Wild symbols.
  • Rocket feature, on activation, makes a stack of 10 Wilds.
  • In the Two Hearts feature, the total payout is multiplied by the number of times the meter is filled up plus one.
  • On landing 30 smiley faces, you stand a chance to get 500x the bet.

The background score is fun and goes with the theme of the slot. A smiley circle on the left throws up various smileys at regular intervals is fun to watch. It goes from toothy to sad to lovelorn and much more. Developers add such elements in slot games just to keep the interest of the player alive. The graphics are as cute as the Emojis themselves. Easy to play and easy on the eyes, this game is one of the best slot game at Sailor Bingo.