What are the Different Bingo Bonuses you can Earn?

Online Bingo is the online version of an original game of Bingo. Launched somewhere around 1996 it has bloomed into a million-dollar industry. The reason that it has become such a huge success is that of the different incentives the players can gain through it like bingo bonus, discounts, free bingo shots etc. But the main factor inducing more and more players to join this game is the bingo bonus that players can gain through it.

Why is the Bingo bonus important in online Bingo?

Bingo bonus has been a way to attract players to play online bingo games. It is a form of monetary incentive that a player gains on joining new bingo site or when the player wins big or various other reasons. The top bingo sites have its own way to award bonuses to the players. The idea behind this is to induce more and more players to join the online bingo world. Moreover, bonuses help the players in playing the game, helps them to have a greater in-game experience and gain free earnings. The usual bonuses that a player may encounter are of these types:

No Deposit Bonus

To play bingo games online, one must make a certain amount of deposit to his online Bingo account so that he can start playing. Some of the sites provide bonuses immediately on the sign in without any deposits. This has become a lucrative type of Bingo bonus as the players can start playing immediately without any deposits.

Deposit Bonus

Sailor Bingo offers various bonuses that would benefit our players. No deposit bingo bonus is acquired when a player deposits amount in his online account. Different sites have a different rate of deposit bonuses. Sometimes they may even provide split bonuses for e.g. you may gain a certain amount of bonus from your deposit and a certain amount from game bonuses like 100% deposit bonus on £20 will give you free £20 meaning you will have £40 to play with. Some sites even go as high as 200% or 300%.

Reload Bonus

This is a great bonus for regular players. Some sites offer this type of reload bonuses which are usually based on the number of deposits a player makes. Some sites offer to reload bonus on each deposit which goes as high as 50% of the deposit amount while others offer it after a defined number of deposits. If you are a regular bingo player, then this type of Bingo bonus is one to look forward to.

Loyalty Bonus

The loyalty bonus is the rewards offered by the online casino sites to its players for playing the game regularly and for a noticeable amount of time.

These are the common Bingo bonus types a player may encounter while playing online Bingo. But the players must be aware of the rules and regulations of the bingo hall so that they know how to use the bonuses that they gain while playing. Players at our bingo can make use of PayPal to make deposits and can instantly start enjoying their bingo games. Join Sailor Bingo now and start playing your favourite bingo games online round the clock!